These are some of the nice things folks have said about me and my free help…I have all these nice notes on file .

Hi Travis  

Just wanted to let you know the good news.

My first article just got published this morning and already I have 15 subscribers to my newsletter!!  

WOW!  This really is a starving crowd.

Thanks for the tip  

David Gayler

Hey Mr. T 

Just want to say Thank You for all the freebies.

I feel like a kid in a candy store. So many opportunities and great ideas and so little time to implement them. 

Thanks for all the encouragement… it keeps me determined to be there when my ship comes in! 🙂 

Dora Chupp

Travis, you’re both insane and totally amazing at the same time. 

I think you redefine the term “moving the free line”. In fact, I can’t ever remember you selling something of your own, ever? 

Either way, you never cease to amaze me man, 


Hi Travis. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for spoon feeding me your bum marketing methods and keyword suggestions.

I have begun! I’ve posted four articles at Ezine Articles on health keywords (chosen according to your criteria) and I am already on Google’s second page for those keywords and getting clicks. Now, as I’m waiting for my first sale… 

Jenny Jackson

Hi Travis, 

Thank you very much for this e-mail with such wonderful treat.  I’m up early every morning to not only stoke the fire in the woodstove, and while waiting for a good fire to start, I check e-mails.  I don’t even know where to begin to thank you.  You know since video’s are out of the questions cause of the time it takes to download them on dial up, six or more hours for a ten minute video, blogging is a good way to begin.

Your new friend
Rose Bolton
From Canada

I just finished the course.  I went back over the course twice and tried to soak up everything I can.  I got set up with clickbank and through your course.  I went ahead and posted three ads and within hours I was already getting views on my ads.  I have been looking for years for a way to break into the online marketplace for low cost and I believe I have finally found a way.  Thank you for providing a way for me to “get my foot in the door” of this wonderful new world.


Hi Travis:  after being Online searching for so long, I am so fortunate to discover such a superb teacher like you. When you help your student/follower, you certainly go all the way–even made the right tools to meet my need.  I am so very thankful.  This is why, every time I read your Email (s), I am very alert of the valuable INFO, strategy, tools for use / apply to what one needs to succeed I am lucky to have such teacher.  Really, I am speechless.  Thanks, Thanks, Thanks always, ellen lin


I am still speechless from last night-that’s when I opened Project 2. I didn’t bother reading your email-I just dove in-about 2 minutes later I realized 

what it was-I wasn’t able to close my mouth for the rest of the evening. FANTASTIC!!! 

 And now I’m sitting here salivating thinking about what this bread must taste like-garlic, onion, cheese. 

(AND BEER)-I’m going to buy a loaf pan tomorrow. 

  I’m going to nominate you for Mr. Over-Deliver of ’08.  I wish you and yours the very best for ’09. 

Mel Bernstein 

 P.S.This is the first fan letter I’ve written in my seven plus decades-don’t expect anymore!

Hello Travis, 

 Hope all is well with you and your family.

I just want to let you know how greatful I am for your honest help and advice from bum marketing it does work, and it is great… I have 30 articles so far and have  averaged $200 a month so far. it has given me real motivation to get going. 

I want you to know that if you are ever in New Zealand!  That you are now part of the whanau “family” and would be priveliged to welcome you here and show you and your famly a happy time… 

Thank you for being a genuine dude. 

Kind Regards 

Robert Lees from Aetearoa New Zealand

I doubt you will ever read this……but, dude you rock!!!

This email alone is some of the best training I’ve gotten online at any price.

I once sent you a PM on the WarriorForum thanking you for your influence over me with your work regarding the Bum Marketing Method.

I have gone from someone who never thought they would make a dime online to having my first 5 figure month in the business 2 months ago, in large part to the ground work you laid out in your Bum Marketing material.

If you ever need a testimonial (which I doubt you do) don’t hesitate for a second to let me know as I would get you one in a second.


YOU ROCK! I made my first sale, it only took half a day with 4 articles! Easiest $50 I have ever made!
I owe it to you! Thanks! =D
Thanks again man!! 


Hi Travis, 

 I know your inbox is flooded every day so I have been reluctant to add to the overflow.  However, after thinking about it I decided I had no choice but to tell you that IMO your marketing skills are by far the best I have ever encountered on or off the net. 

Sure…..that doesn’t mean much coming from an unsuccessful Internet Marketer, but I have ticked up a few years searching for the “golden answer” hence receiving marketing advice from all corners of the World. 

My mind is spinning with many things I could say here but I will keep it short, I think you get my message. 

Travis, I look forward to receiving your gems long into the future.  I am very pleased I am on your mailing list, ty. 

Kind regards, 

Tricia Simpson

Travis, i just wanna say “you are the shit, man”….ATTA-boy for you.

I think in my year and a half at WA I have learned the most from YOU.


Hi Travis,

You must be some kind of genus, I’ve been banging my head on affiliate marketing for a while, now.
I procrastinated for a couple of weeks, thinking The ‘Bum Marketing Method’ was way to simple to make any money online,  and boy was I wrong.

All I had to do was follow your simple instructions and with in 7 days I made my first two sales.
Your marketing Kung Fu is strong and I will never doubt your skills again.

I wonder if I should tell my wife. May after a couple of more sales 😎

Your fellow Bum Marketer,


Hi Travis,

I simply wanted to correspond with you to let you know…  about a month or so ago
I joined your ‘BumMarketing’ list, and feel it will prove to be among the best moves
I’ve made in my 4+ years online.

Although I have been online for a while, I’ve just recently become serious about real
marketing.  Up to this point, most of my activity has been geared toward passive
type programs – not exactly the best way to control one’s own destiny.  But, that is about  to change.

In reading the various emails I’ve received from you over the past few weeks, I get a
strong feeling that you definitely know your stuff.  But, just as impressive as your
apparent knowledge is my impression of the quality of your character.

Again, I am certainly glad to be on your ‘list’ and look forward to learning from and
corresponding with you in the future.


I have been Bummmarketing for a little bit more than 6 weeks…Currently I make around $50 PER DAY from Bummarketing. 

It works for me!  

Sandra – From Forum Post at

Travis…Tried you video on bum marketing and earned $274.17 from clickbank…my first money ever online.  

Brian J.

I just had to write you and tell you thank you. 

I woke up and checked my clickbank, and suddenly got all teary-eyed. 

I have sales! 

Thanks man,

Hi Travis, 

Just made my first sale through Bum Marketing — Yeeesssss !!  

Dave B.

Hello Travis, 

I signed up to your Bum Marketing course because of your excellent posts on WA that helped me a lot. 

To be honest I didn’t confirm the double optin aweber subscription for quite some time and let it sit in my inbox. 

Yesterday, I was kind of bored so I did. As I was reading your course I was literally shocked that you are giving this course away. I know
someone reading this might think that this is just a hyped testimonial, but when they read your course they will realize it’s not. 

Seriously, I bought $97 ebooks that did not come close to revealing what you are. And on top of that they did not reveal a single niche, or an
actual application of what they teach like you are doing. 

I was forcing myself to not think about Bummarketing so I could get some sleep at around 4 am 🙂
Thank You!

Travis, You are brilliant! Thank you for the fresh twist… Your Bum’s info is going to put me over the top! You have helped me find the missing piece of the puzzle. Thank you for giving me and my family this priceless gift! Feel free to use me as a reference. 

 Randy Rater