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*** Hot New Product to Promote - With 3 High-Value Upsells! ***

Here's how promoting a $7 report can earn you up to $165.75 per sale, and continue to earn you recurring commissions of $13.50 per sale EVERY month...

Product Details:

  • Main offer: $7 Vision Report with 75% Commission
  • Upsell #1: $27/month Membership with 50% Commission
  • Upsell #2: $97 VIP Support package with 50% Commission
  • Upsell #3: $197 Passive Income Playbook with 50% Commission

InstacashTo promote the $7.00 report AND 3 upsells, your affiliate link should look like this:

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Tracking Your Affiliate Link

Tracking Your Affiliate Link:

Successful affiliates have a secret weapon…one that often separates them from making a couple of sales a month to multiple sales every day. What is it, you ask? It can be summed up into one word: Tracking.

When you track your clicks and sales, you can see what links are receiving the most traffic and which links convert better over all. When you know what’s working the best, you can focus your time on the methods that work instead of wasting time on the ones that don't.

Clickbank offers a special built-in tool to help with tracking called “Tracking Id”.

To use it, insert the phrase “/?tid=trackid” at the end of your link, and change trackid to anything you want.

For example:

To use this tracking data, see which links have the highest conversion percentage (number of sales divided by number of clicks that specific link receives) and find ways to improve on those efforts. This means, if you found that you’re getting a lot of clicks from a banner ad, you may want to direct more traffic to the page on your site where the banner is located.