Here are some of the more common questions sent into us at ickyhelp@gmail.com if you have any questions other questions please either try the chat box or drop us an email…we’d love to hear from you!

QUESTION: What can I do with these keyword list and/or the articles?

ANSWER: That’s a super question! As one of our gifts for taking us up on the Instacash Keywords Trial you’ll find the InstaCash Income Plan which will take you by the hand and show you several ways to use your keywords and articles to get immediate traffic and sales. I also show you a NINJA secret, called an editorial review, I’ve been using for years to add just one paragraph to the articles and make them completely unique in Google’s and other search engines eyes.

We don’t stop there! You also get No Website No Problem and we’ll spoon feed you the latest traffic tips on our new InstaCash Blog.

QUESTION: Can I submit these articles to other article directories, like EzineArticles?

ANSWER: Unfortunately no…and here’s why: EzineArticles only takes articles that you have personally written or have paid someone to write SOLELY for you. What you CAN do is use the articles as a form of research to write your own unique articles from. What I HIGHLY RECOMMEND is to place your articles on either properties you own or Web 2.0 properties (there are hundreds) AND if you use the techniques I lay out in the InstaCash Income Plan you’ll rank in Google and other search engines before you know it.

What I think you’ll really love about your InstaCash Keywords and Article service…is you’ll likely find WAY BETTER conversions because you are targeting crowds of people that either have a HUGE problem the are desperate to solve…or they have a HUGE passion they want to fuel and feed.

But give us a test drive and you be the judge:-)

QUESTION: I don’t know how to put up a blog and I am technical newbie…is there hope for me?

ANSWER: I feel you! I love newbies because the technical stuff has never came easy for me either. Inside the InstaCash Income Plan you’ll find out how to get started step by step. I have to tell you though…there are so many people that ARE good at the technical stuff…that you can hire for way less than you can imagine to do this for you. You’ll find technically gifted people that will put up an entire blog for you for as little as $20.

Lots of our InstaCash Members use outsourcing!

In fact…if you’re wondering how to find these people? You’ll find a helpful EXPERIENCE and advice on the InstaCash Blog too! (Plus there’s an (almost) unannounced bonus all about outsourcing cheap! Check your email after you become a full fledged member.)

QUESTION: How many keywords come with each list?

ANSWER: The number of keywords in each list varies anywhere from 30 to about 80 keywords…I know that’s a big difference but it all depends on the niche and we want  you to have as many keywords as we can that fit the InstaCash criteria…so we decided not to put a limit on your list. PLUS…all your pre-written articles semantically cover a majority of the keywords in your list.

What you may be surprised to find with InstaCash Keywords is how much traffic you get from what’s called the ‘long tail’ search. These are phrases that you weren’t specifically trying to be ranked for…but because your articles are SO TOPICALLY FOCUSED that the search engines show them for MANY RELATED searches.

Sweet huh?

QUESTION: How current are your search results?

ANSWER: We try our best to make sure these results stay up to date by consistently upgrading our list…if the results ever change it usually only slightly and the keywords are always still easy enough to get on the first page for with much trouble at all.

It is super important for OUR long term growth that you be ECSTATIC with not only how easy it is to rank for the niches we give you, but that they also turn into sales for you. If you’re happy…we grow. If you’re not happy…we die.

With that said…InstaCash Keywords is run by real humans…we make mistakes sometimes. If you ever get a list or articles that isn’t up to snuff for some reason, please let us know and we’ll make it right for you.

QUESTION: How can I find other affiliate programs to promote with your keywords and articles?

ANSWER: Every day there are new affiliate opportunities, with every list and set of articles we also share our “Recommended Affiliate Program” with you but if you are not interested in that program for whatever reason you’ll find easy ways to find affiliate programs using Google inside your copy of the InstaCash Income Plan. You’ll also find ALTERNATIVE ways and recommendations for monetizing the InstaCash Keywords and Articles within that days InstaCash Insight into the niche and market.

QUESTION: Is there any kind of contract when joining your service?

ANSWER: Nope, no contract what so ever! In fact all you have to do is hold on to your digital receipt and just click the appropriate link on the receipt when you want to cancel our services…if you have any problems or lose your receipt just email us and we’ll walk you through it.

QUESTION: Are the articles SEO optimized for these keywords?

ANSWER: Yes, the articles were written specifically to be used with each keyword list. Each article will have several of the keywords placed throughout…which will help your blog get ranked quickly for several keyword phrases.