You’ve probably been told there aren’t any shortcuts to success, right?

I’m here to let you know that’s just not so.



And the biggest struggle most affiliate marketers deal with is choosing the right niche. Without a good niche, nothing else really matters.

But it can be hard to choose a niche…there are SO MANY out there!

And even if you manage to pick a great niche…what should you sell them? How do you know they’ll even buy whatever you offer?

Isn’t somebody somewhere teaching people how to do that?


BUT…picking PRECISE hungry markets…and choosing LOW competition keywords with decent search volume that you can get ranked for so you can get in front of that crowd…fast, cheap and easy…is…doggone HARD to teach somebody how to do!

So what’s the answer?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if somebody would spoon feed rabid crowds to you…hand over low competition keywords and share a little insight on what makes the ‘crowd’ go so wild they pull out their wallets and purses…and BUY YOUR STUFF?!

Somebody will.

We will.


How would you like it if we plopped a juicy, hot, new market along with a mouthwatering list of keywords into your inbox every single week?

And please remember…

Your markets and lists are approved by a couple of six and seven figure marketers…Ben and me!

Do you see how this ‘shortcut’ could help you?

I hope you’re excited as we are!

We feel this is about as close to free money as you’re ever gonna get!

We call our little service…


    Your markets and list are approved by Ben and me…which means you are going to get in on a lot of very lucrative markets, with keyword phrases that you can easily rank articles for and some that get huge amounts of searches. For those with huge search volumes, you may have to put up a small blog and get some link love.

    (To our knowledge there is not another keyword service out there with supervision from a 7 figure a year marketer…and InstaCash Keywords wouldn’t be possible without the partnership between us.)

     Your new list will appear in your inbox each and every week. It doesn’t matter if we are on vacation, or sick as a dog, or just feel like being lazy… you will get your list! This gives you the opportunity to be picky about what you want to promote. If you don’t feel like promoting this week’s market, you will be able to jump into a fresh one next week, not several weeks later.

     We don’t just run through the Adwords Keyword Tool and select a bunch of random keywords. We hand pick keywords from markets that are passionate, proven to buy and/or seeking immediate solutions to BIG problems. We want you to make money from your InstaCash Keywords!

     We don’t provide you with thousands of keywords per list… how many are you really going to use anyway? We cut out the junk and hand you the cream of the crop keywords.



    InstaCash Weekly Niche Pick (Hand picked buyers niches that practically have their wallets out already)

    InstaCash Keyword List (List of low competition “buyer keywords” which will save you hours of research every week)

    InstaCash Articles (5 professionally written articles you can use for your blog, autoresponder or even turn into videos)

    InstaCash Insight (Niche research that gives your buyers psychological triggers so you can make easy sales)

    InstaCash PREFERRED affiliate program (Saves you hours of searching all over the net for a decent affiliate program)

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