This collection of bonus audios come from conversations with Travis and Matt Davis. The links will open in new windows where you choose to listen directly to the audio in your browser. If you’d prefer to save it to your computer, you can go to File > Save As (or Save Page As) in your browser and then save the file to wherever you’d like on your computer.

Bonus Audio #1 – Free Outsourcing Plan

In this recording, Travis and Matt share ideas and examples of how to get outsourcing (among other things) for free. It’s a perfect example of how with a little elbow grease and thinking, money shouldn’t hold you back from what you are trying to accomplish.
Outsourcing Transcript Audio #1: Free Outsourcing Plan

Bonus Audio #2 – Finding the Best Employees

In this bonus audio, Travis and Matt will show examples of how to find great employees. Matt will show you how to find quality workers on the cheap and Travis will talk about ways of finding great people to work with.
Outsourcing Transcript Audio #2: Finding the Best Employees

Bonus Audio #3 – The Value in Great Co-Op Partners

This next bonus audio has Travis and Matt discussing the best ponds to find your “co-op” partners and put this whole thing together. Hopefully Audio #1 and Audio #2 have already helped you, but this one should put the cap on the whole thing and really open you up to a ton of possibilities!
Outsourcing Transcript Audio #3: The Value in Great Co-Op Partners


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