Are you secretly looking for the internet marketing shortcut? I say ‘secretly’ because if you are caught even whispering the word ‘shortcut’ in certain circles you’re treated like you’re begging for a welfare handout or something…Money Making Shortcut

…and then you’re chastised and shunned like some pimply faced teenager who had the gall to ask out the prom queen to the next dance.

I mean…what’s so dang EVIL about a shortcut for Pete’s sake?

Who was it exactly that said you should take the long way to success?

And how does taking the long way around make any kind of sense?

I mean… Aren’t we all pressed for time?

Aren’t we all under pressure to get our businesses off the ground quickly? I know I am.

And…taking the l-o-o-o-n-g way?

Get rich S-L-O-W?

Doesn’t to me. In fact…

Knowing what I know now…and what I am going to share with you in a sec…I say the BIGGEST PROBLEM is that it takes TOO LONG for most folks to enjoy even the ‘smallest’ tasty morsel of success online.

So long that most give up.

It’s heartbreaking…



….a G-i-i-i-i-normous shortcut!

And if I can ask you for a little leeway?…and an open mind?…I am going to share with you this shortcut that could very well lop off… months…maybe even years on your journey to ultimate financial freedom.


But first…since I am flying in the face of all this ‘conventional’ take the slow boat to China ‘wisdom’…

May I introduce myself?

I’m Travis Sago…from an itsy bitsy town in Arkansas called Russellville. We have a Nuclear Plant and a handful of chicken processing plants, we love high school football and root for the ‘Razorbacks’. GO HOGS!!

Russellville Arkansas
I love my town, but it’s not terribly exciting and it’s RARE for a guy or gal to get ahead financially in my neck of the woods.

My last job was working for a small family business that sold and serviced computer systems exclusively to restaurants.

Worked for that family for almost 10 years…

Job StressI say ‘worked’…truth is they owned my BUTT!

Yes…I felt more like their personal slave than a human being. But, after 10 years, my salary was $60,000 a year (I started at 17K a year)…which was and still is a ‘Kings Ransom’ in my little town.

…and believe you me…the two owners weren’t about to let me forget how generous they were…

…60 hour to 70 hour work weeks were the norm…and if you worked less than 50 hours you were a worthless ‘slacker’.


You might get a call at Midnight…have to schlep out in the black of night…drive two hours in lord knows what kind of weather and repair a computer for a restaurant that was under contract…then drive back another couple hours.

Which a fella could live with…it’s part of the job right?


Do you think you get the rest of the day off?

N-o-o-o-o way JOSE’!

And…tsk…tsk…Shame on you for asking!

Can’t tell you how many Friday nights the owners spent enjoying their kids at a football game while I was out making them up to $180 PER HOUR and driving all over Arkansas.

…while my son waited at home patiently for Daddy to come home. I am still a little ashamed to this day that he was fast asleep many nights before I got home.

Ya know…I was the one making them rich…VERY RICH…and yet there were months where I was lucky to get one whole weekend off.

  • Did they care that I never saw my son?
  • Did they lose sleep because my wife was always a nervous wreck? Worried that I was
    driving too far on waaaay too little sleep?
  • Did they worry that I missed almost EVERY birthday, anniversary and school event?

They said they cared. But…would they hire more help?


Then around 2003 this overworked, tired, computer tech discovered the internet.

I saw the internet and me running some type of internet business as my ticket ‘out of slavery hell’.

What REALLY happened…

And…it’s somewhat embarrassing…but REALLY happened was…


Now…remember, I was ALREADY working 60-70 hours a week.

So…I’d get up EVEN earlier and start working, learning and (buying courses) at about 4 AM…rush off to the Marriagej.o.b. by 8 AM.

Then I spent every spare moment on any part of the weekend I had left ‘working on the business.’ (I’d occasionally take Sunday afternoon off if I wasn’t working at the day job.)

One year later, give or take…I had made a few hundred measly dollars…and spent THOUSANDS.

We were further in the hole than when I had started.

But all wasn’t lost!

Oh no.

I had gained a brand new…even grumpier disposition, my wife was absolutely miserable because she hardly ever saw me…and when she did… I was a terse, grumpy, worn out, old man at the age of 37.

My wife, Jeannie, didn’t even understand what the heck I was doing on the internet!

…and truth be known…

That first year…

I didn’t either.


Now… men don’t cry right?

No…men don’t cry…I didn’t either.

Jeannie cried.

Jeannie cried a lot.

My wife, the woman, the PERSON, I loved more than anything… was totally miserable.

She tried to hide it…but I could tell when she’d been crying.

But…I didn’t cry.

I DID carry that always present, burning lump of self disappointment in my throat.

It would swell up every time I thought about how this wasn’t the life that I had ordered…the life that I had promised my wife…my son…MY FAMILY.
And when that lump would swell, my eyes would burn…OH God…how my eyes would burn.

But…I wouldn’t cry.

Something had to change though…and it had to change fast.

It was desperation time.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve visited desperation-ville… I hope not. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

…and it’s one of the big reasons we are talking today because I want to help shorten YOUR road to success.

I figure every second I can save you from ‘roasting in hell’ like I did… is a good one…


Because at this point…at this point… is when most people just give in and resign themselves to a life of J.O.B. slavery

Then ya know what happens too often?

…Then they spend the rest of their lives numbing the pain with booze, drugs, Prozac, video games and endless therapy sessions.

I tell ya…
Any way…

You know because I am talking to you today…that I found my way out of hell.

…and I wish…

I wish…I could tell you some amazing, titillating story about the discovery that I had.


Even though my discovery isn’t so amazing…it will be far more profitable for you because it is based on good ole’ fashion…


I decided to scrap everything I had done at this point on the internet and simply apply some darn common sense.

When I applied some common sense…

Things came into crystal clear view for me.

InstacashThe latest Twitter guide

InstacashThe newest ‘trick Google’ gimmick

InstacashAffiliate Marketing

InstacashForum Marketing

InstacashSite flipping

InstacashAny kind of Annihilation method

InstacashKeyword Tools

InstacashMuti Level Mania

Nope… None of the above bring home the bacon!

Now, you’re probably shouting at me and saying that can’t be true because you know a guy that made lots of money ‘drop shipping’ and you know lots of people making money with ‘affiliate marketing’.


Maybe even you, yourself, have turned a few dollars or more using one or more of the above?

I feel ya.

I thought the same thing.

What I found out was…that I was dead wrong.

NONE…of those things REALLY make money.

This is the illusion, the mist of confusion that makes our path to success so torturously long…it becomes a MAZE that most never find their way out of.

…and to really throw a monkey wrench into your noggin…

ALL of those things CAN make you money.

But not until you understand what I believe is…


To drive this point home to ya…let me steal ruthlessly from Gary Halbert. (This dude had a little common sense.)

Gary used to ask this question…

If you owned a hotdog stand and you could have JUST ONE advantage over your competition…

What advantage would you want?Hot Dog Cart

Really think about this for a second…okay? When Gary asked this…he got all kinds of answers.

    InstacashOne guy said he’d want the best tasting hot dogs.

    InstacashOne dude said he’d want the best location.

    InstacashOne fella said he’d want the best employees.

    InstacashAnother…The best equipment that cooks hot dogs faster than the other guy.

Ya know what Gary said?


Then it would be blackly silent as they all waited for Gary to speak.

He’d say that if he could have just one advantage…it would be…


See, it’s PEOPLE with wants, needs and desires that ultimately pull out their wallets and purses…whip out their credit cards and transfer that money to you.


Let’s come back to my story for a second.

It starts to bloom and get way more exciting now.

Because as John Carlton says…


…and he wasn’t fibbing!

So now I’ve got a whole new ‘set of glasses’ on and I am looking at everything in terms of STARVING CROWD…this…STARVING CROWD …that…

I realize that my sister went from ZERO to $500 to $1000 a week in her fledgling day care business…NOT because she used some ‘secret’ ad in the paper…or because she had a better concept than the ‘other guy’ or …a better location.


She had quick success because she had UNKNOWINGLY tapped into the Ultimate *Money Getting* Shortcut!

She had QUICK success because in my town there is a HUGE STARVING CROWD of Moms and Dads who want…WHO NEED… to have someone to care for their children while they are working at the Nuclear Plant or Tyson Chicken Plant for slave wages.

So one night…I decide to take a break on watch some ‘boob tube’ because my mind felt like it was going to burst with this new found insight…


I see that ‘Buy My Product’ guy, John Scherer, from Video Professor and I think to myself that he must have a STARVING CROWD.

You know the guy…right? I’d seen him a hundred times and never given him much thought…

…but THAT NIGHT I think…

This internet and computer technology thing is really heating up…I BETCHA there are LOTS of people that want to learn…WANT TO LEARN…NEED TO LEARN basic computer programs and getting around on the internet.

Wonder if I can get in on some of this?

So…I do some digging around and find out that Video Professor has an affiliate program and at the time they are paying $25 smackers for every person that you can get to take John up on his famous ‘try my product’ offer. (Which was free except for shipping and handling.)

Decide to write a couple articles…do a couple ads and decide to buy some traffic from good ole’ Google and send them straight to my page.

Wasn’t expecting much…

But then BAM!!


…and I spent…best I can recall about $25 in ad cost. I just kept thinking…I MADE A hundred bucks!…I MADE A hundred bucks!


I got in front of that starving crowd to the point where I was bringing in $300 a day pretty consistently.

But more importantly…I kept coming across…MORE AND MORE AND MORE…STARVING CROWDS.

and I can’t tell you how amazed I was at how fast and furious the sales would come in…

It got to the point where I had to discipline myself to STOP looking at my stats…I’d sit there like an IDIOT…hitting ‘refresh’ and watching the sales numbers inflate.

That was a pretty dumb waste of time when I should be out there finding more STARVING CROWDS to make offers too. (The Ultimate *Money Getting* Shortcut)

I was just so happy that…


TunnelI even got in on the Hoodia Rage and there were days that I had already made MORE MONEY in my net business BEFORE I even got into work… than I’d make ALL DAY working for those ‘slave drivers’ at my J.O.B.

Also around the same time…a little before actually…

I discovered a really easy and simple way to get my ads on Google, Yahoo and MSN for certain phrases for free.

This was a good discovery…BUT, it was only when I combined this with my STARVING CROWD mindset that I’d finally find the LASTING success I was looking for.

Once the popcorn started poppin’ on my business…Jeannie named my little free ad discovery “The Bum Marketing Method” because she thought it was so easy that I could take a literate ‘bum’ off the street, take them to the public library and have them earning a little money.

I even put up a little site and began to teach Bum Marketing free to folks that were living in the same ‘slavery hell’ I was…and it is still going strong to this day!

Now…I started funneling BIG money into my bank accounts to be used as my cushion for FREEDOM DAY!

Probably shouldn’t tell you this because I usually don’t swear…but I used to call it FU Money!

Kiss My Grits!…and in February 2006 on a crisp, sunny, winter morning…


Now, I could go on with all the exciting changes in my life after that day.

Most importantly, that look of respect in Jeannie’s eyes and seeing the gleam come back when she looks at me is my biggest joy of all…and our marriage is stronger than ever too.

The SagosJeannie & I goofing around in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Not because of the money…but because I am TRULY my happy go lucky self again! She’s got her husband back. I’ve got my SANITY and self respect back.

But…I won’t go on because I think you ‘get it’…and you have your own exciting changes you’d like to make.

I do want to share with you that the Ultimate *Money Getting* Shortcut works for people other than just me.

In fact…

Since putting up The Bum Marketing Method in 2006 I have worked with literally THOUSANDS of newbie marketers…

Every single newbie…every single one… that I’ve worked with that found quick success…did it by finding (OFTEN stumbling across) a starving…rabid…crowd of people that wanted something…or wanted to solve a problem…REALLY BADLY.


I’m talkin’ from figuring out how to put up a Squidoo lens and not making diddly one day…to having their first $100 day…the next day.
I’ve seen a Dad trying to do a part time venture…crank out a $700 day because he jumped on a trend.

I’ve also seen people just about burnt out on this whole business…finally… find that pocket of people where they could almost do no wrong…and finally get a check in the mail that totally surprised the heck out of their doubting spouse.

And they send me the most awesome notes! You can feel the excitement and relief. It’s refreshingly glorious!


I began using your Bum Marketing Method one month ago and my official profit count for the month of September goes like this:

Adsense: $77.12 (that’s a 7 fold increase from last month)

Clickbank: $ 53.92 (2 sales in less than 2 weeks)

Outside affiliate program $97.00 (2 sales in less than 2 weeks)

Total $ 228.04

I’m beside myself with joy and my family is impressed! My goal is to double that amount each month from now on.

I can’t thank you enough!

RA Welch

Want to see some more testimonials? Click here (Opens in a new window.)

I just got off the phone last week with a fella named Eric who made…

Yeah! In just over one year!

Ya know what he wasHip Hop Grill selling? (And he’s not anymore so I’m not being un-cool about telling you.)

Eric was selling Hip Hop Grills (or Grillz) which are the ‘gold teeth’ all the rappers were wearing in the music videos.

Who was the starving crowd?

Young adults that want to emulate their favorite rappers.

What’s funny…is Eric said that there was s-o-o-o little competition.

Now, this ain’t all sunshine and roses…okay?

There’s a big catch.


I think I’ve solved this for you.

Catch is…

…this stuff is really hard to teach.

…and harder to learn…


Here’s an example for you:

Everyone knows that women who are having problems managing their weight are a ‘starving crowd’…

What’s the problem? Why isn’t everyone getting crazy rich in the weight loss niche? Two reasons…

  1. In order to compete…you have to have a crystal clear idea of ‘who’ comprises that market, what makes them tick, why they are still struggling with all the tools and diets out there. Women who are overweight is too broad for the ‘average Joe’ Bum Marketer.
  2. IMPORTANT!! You have to have a COST EFFECTIVE way for getting YOUR links and messages in front of them. This is a LOT easier when you understand #1 above. I am not in the weight loss market anymore…so, I helped some folks who are just starting out.

For example…

…I drummed up a low competition keyword phrase in about ten minutes that I gave to a fella…he wrote an article that got ranked for that phrase and he started generating $50 to $100 DAILY!!! (BTW, he STILL thanks me to this day.)

Problem is picking PRECISE hungry markets…and picking LOW competition keywords where you can get in front of that crowd…fast, cheap and easy…is…again…

Darn hard to teach. BUT…


I’ve also noticed when folks are ‘spoon fed’Spoon they can jump in those markets incredibly fast and then they can come up with their own successful VARIATIONS…and profit long into the future from just ONE hungry crowd…like the fella from the example above.

So, by now, you may be thinking. . .

Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone would spoon feed me rabid crowds…hand over low competition keywords and share a little insight on what makes the ‘crowd’ go so wild they pull out their wallets and purses…and BUY MY STUFF!

That way…all I had to do is take the keywords write an article or put up a blog…get ranked with ease…get traffic right away and start seeing some consistent sales.

And I’d LOVE to help you do just that…at the same time, my business is doing pretty well, over 7 figures last year, and I just plain don’t have the time to launch a new venture all by myself…BUT!!!

I want to introduce you to a young go-getter that can help us both out.

His name is…

Ben Cawiezell

BenI first met Ben at the gym, right here in Russellville. He was my personal trainer, but I could see right away what a valuable asset he could be to my business, so it didn’t take long for me to bring him on board.

We’ve spent a lot of time together between working out at the gym, regular business meetings, and just hanging out on the porch sometimes. We’ve talked about how there are just endless amounts of money to be made online and markets to be sold to…

…and how almost any market can be taken to six figures a year.

I told him I thought it was heartbreaking that we are in a recession and so many folks are struggling…when there is soooo much ‘food on the table’.

So MANY starving crowds spending money right now that …nobody should have to struggle.

I truly believe…


And we both came to the conclusion that we HAD to do something about this situation together.

It made PERFECT sense.

Ben has the time, technical know-how and youth to boot!

So we decided to team up so that we could take my strength and add Ben’s time and energy with a dash of technical ‘know how’…and spoon feed you what we feel is one heckuva shortcut to achieving your dreams and financial goals with as much ease as possible.

Win for Travis. Win For Ben…WIN FOR YOU!!



What if we went out and busted our chops to find YOU hot markets with starving crowds?… and then sweat over the sifting through hundreds of keywords to deliver to you only the lowest competition – highest searched keywords…that you could not only rank well for… but start banking on virtually immediately?

How would you like it if we plopped a juicy, hot, new market along with a mouthwatering list of keywords into your inbox every single week?

And please remember!

Your markets and lists are approved by a couple of six and seven figure marketers. Ben and me!

Do you feel how this ‘shortcut’ could help you?

I hope you are excited as we are!

We feel this is about as close to free money as you’re gonna get!

So we are calling your little service…


InstaCash Keywords is exactly what we’ve described above. You’ll enjoy a ready-to-buy market and list of ready-to-crush keywords that will be delivered to your inbox every week like clockwork.

Before we go any further, let’s clear a few things up…

There ARE other keyword services out there and I am not going to say they are bad in any way, but I am going to just show you how InstaCash Keywords is different and let you come to your own decision.


We ‘strained our brains’ figuring out exactly how we could make it the best possible service for you and we decided on a few things that we haven’t seen from any another service:

    Your markets and list are approved by Ben and me…which means you are going to get in on a lot of very lucrative markets, with keyword phrases that you can easily rank articles for and some that get huge amounts of searches. For those with huge search volumes, you may have to put up a small blog and get some link love.

    (To our knowledge there is not another keyword service out there with supervision from a 7 figure a year marketer…and InstaCash Keywords wouldn’t be possible without the partnership between us.)

     Your new list will appear in your inbox each and every week. It doesn’t matter if we are on vacation, or sick as a dog, or just feel like being lazy… you will get your list!

    This gives you the opportunity to be picky about what you want to promote. If you don’t feel like promoting this week’s market, you will be able to jump into a fresh one next week, not several weeks later.

     We don’t just run through the Adwords Keyword Tool and select a bunch of random keywords. We hand pick keywords from markets that are passionate, proven to buy and/or seeking immediate solutions to BIG problems. We want you to make money from your InstaCash Keywords!

    We don’t provide you with thousands of keywords per list… how many are you really going to use anyway? We cut out the junk and hand you the cream of the crop keywords.

In a sentence…you’ll enjoy…


Keep reading…

Oh yes!  In order to sweeten the deal even more, each keyword list will also come with 5 Well Written Articles for EACH NICHE…that’s 35 articles total!

It just doesn’t get any easier than this! You can rewrite the articles and use them as content for your site, distribute them to article directories or compile them into a short report and give it away to build your list.

This is the EASIEST way I know for you to take advantage of the Ultimate *Money Getting* Shortcut without you having to go through a long and expensive learning process.


Now, I can’t speak for you…but to me, next to a night of good lovin’, this is the best feeling EVER!

At this point…If I were you…I’d have a burning question…


Great question! I’m sure you don’t want thousands of people getting the same keywords and we don’t either because if you aren’t ECSTATIC with the ease you get rankings, traffic and make easy sales…you won’t stay with us… and that’d suck for you AND us.


We’ve placed a few safeguards into this and have several concrete ways we are going to keep this wildly lucrative for you.

1. Each week your market and keyword list comes with an InstaCash Insight that will allow you to use the keyword phrases as SEEDS. When we show you a market that is buying an ultra expensive model of __________ and you start cranking in some sales…you can easily find other expensive models of__________ that the market would buy…without our help.

Right? Which means you can roll out in your profitable niche…and milk it for all it’s worth…and be using TOTALLY different keywords than another person that got the same list.

2. Keyword lists, when it makes sense, will come with InstaCash Prefix/Suffix multipliers. What the heck is that? Let me give you an example: Did you know many people search for _______ Coupon Code?

So while the keyword phrase may be ‘Cannondale Road Bike’ (a very “in-demand” bike) there are dozens of prefix and suffix modifiers.

For example…



InstacashCoupon code



If you get 12 InstaCash Keywords…and 12 InstaCash Multipliers…you have 144 total phrases. Make sense?

3. The very fact that you get a weekly list doesn’t necessarily mean you will use every single list you get. You may be busy expanding your empire on a previous week’s market and list. The same will hold true for other subscribers.

4. We are pricing this at a level where you can potentially generate 50 to 100 times or more your investment every month using only a fraction of the markets and keywords you receive…BUT we are also pricing it with the SERIOUS action taker in mind.

5. Strict limit on the InstaCash Keywords editions. This is our second edition and we closed out the first edition at 300 spots, this edition will be strictly limited to the 300 members!

How are we doing?




    InstaCash Weekly Niche Pick (Hand picked buyers niches that practically have their wallets out already)

    InstaCash Keyword List (List of low competition “buyer keywords” which will save you hours of research every week)

    InstaCash Articles (5 professionally written articles you can use for your blog, autoresponder or even turn into videos)

    InstaCash Insight (Niche research that gives your buyers psychological triggers so you can make easy sales)

    InstaCash PREFERRED affiliate program (Saves you hours of searching all over the net for a decent affiliate program)

We want you to know EXACTLY what you are getting so we have setup a 7 day trial for you. You will pay $4.95 today and we are sending you 7 days of InstaCash Keywords lists that you can check out and profit from immediately.

If you like it…don’t do a thing…and you’ll be automatically enrolled at $47 a month at the end of your 7 day trial.

Listen…I know you probably would prefer a free trial. Here’s the thing, we want serious people that are truly considering using InstaCash Keywords for the long haul and not folks that just want to get it because it’s free.


You can cancel anytime you want in the future.

If you don’t like it…simply cancel by calling or emailing Clickbank and you will never be charged again and we’ll simply part friends.

But Ben and I are more concerned about letting you try it… and we WANT you to cancel if you think it’s not for you for any reason because that is the right thing to do.

Fair enough?

Get Starving Crowds Delivered To Your Inbox Every Week


Get Started NOW for Only $4.95
(Seven Day Trial)

Listen. I don’t want to get ‘all in your grill’…but, I do want you to know that Ben and I are serious about helping you succeed in Internet marketing.

So take the ‘Shortcut’ for goodness sake, Ben and I will work hard to save you hours of research every month, end your frustration digging up keywords that don’t turn into sales…and every week, right in your inbox, you can look forward to genuine money making gems we’d be all over if we only had more time.

 Cheering For You,

P.S. Travis here…remember the fella I was telling you about that jumped on a trend selling jewelry to the starving Hip Hop market? …which resulted in $2.7 million dollars in a little over a year?

Now I can’t say that you’ll hit a multi-million dollar home run… But singles, doubles and triples make me all warm inside too! One of the very first affiliate sites I EVER put up STILL brings in $250 – $300 profit every month and I am selling a special perfume of all cotton picken’ things!!

P.P.S. It’s not hard when you have the right crowd and know what makes ‘em tick…and I want to share with you the rush and heart pounding excitement of being in front of a starving mob of people that want to buy from YOU.


YES Travis & Ben…
……I Want to Start my Seven Day Trial For $4.95
AND Start Profiting on Starving Crowds Right Now!