Create QUALITY Content That Your Visitors Actually Want To Read

As internet marketers, it’s very easy to get caught up with trying to write content for Google… instead of for actual people.

While creating SEO friendly websites and content is still important…it’s pointless if NOBODY wants to even read your articles because it’s nothing but keyword stuffed gibberish!

Now I know that might sound a bit harsh…but I don’t think it’s an unfair assessment of what a lot of affiliate sites consist of. Can you remember the last time you used the internet to actually research something you were interested in as a CONSUMER…?

Chances are it didn’t take you long to distinguish between the thin affiliate sites that just slapped together a bunch of generic content, and genuine sites that actually made an effort to provide their readers with useful…or at least interesting information.

Take the bodybuilding niche for example…

Let’s compare these 2 sites:



If you were looking to gain muscle…which blog would you be more interested in reading?

Which blog owner would you be more inclined to listen to and spend money with…?

I know I would personally be more interested in reading about what has to say about building muscle!

The difference is the owner of has positioned himself as an authority on the topic of bodybuilding. While having a fancier looking blog and posting a picture that proves he actually lifts definitely helps…the REAL REASON why this site is so successful is because JC Deen actually makes an effort to publish quality content.

Instead of putting out the same old generic advice that everyone seems to write about…JC actually takes his own position on bodybuilding and writes with his own unique opinions.

So how can YOU create great content for your readers if you’re not an expert on the subject?

The answer is to spend more time and effort researching your niche. The first thing you’ll want to research is what specific problems your targeted audience is having.

You can do this by looking through authority blogs or forums and taking notes on which posts are generating the most amount of comments.

Once you’ve figured that out, look at the content within those posts and see if you can put your own unique spin on it.

The most important thing is to develop your own “blogging voice”. This basically means writing in a way that makes it easy for your visitors to identify YOU as the author.

The information doesn’t necessarily always have to be something completely new if it provides value…but the way it is presented can make a HUGE difference.

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