How To Get Targeted Free Traffic From Youtube

Youtube Traffic

Are you using video marketing as part of your traffic strategy?

I hope so!

If not, you are seriously missing out on one of the most under-rated quality traffic sources on the internet!

However, in order to get results from video marketing…you need to know how to properly optimize your videos so that folks can actually find them.

In this article, we are going to give you some quick simple guidelines to make the most of your video marketing efforts.

1. Keywords

Just like you would optimize an article or blog post to show up in the search engines, you should do the same to your Youtube videos.

First, pick a keyword you’d like to optimize your video for…and make sure it appears in the following:

  • File name: The actual file name for your video should be keyword targeted. For example, if we were targeting the phrase “make money online”…you’d want your file name to be makemoneyonline.avi.
  • Title: Continuing with the “Make money online” example…the title of your video should be something like “Make Money Online Without A Website”.
  • Tags: Don’t go too crazy keyword stuffing here…but you definitely want to include your main keyword phrase and a few related LSI keywords.

2. Make Sure Your Title Grabs People’s Attention

Just because we want our video title to be SEO friendly…doesn’t mean we should forget that people are going to be reading it.

Even if your video manages to rank in the search engines, it’ll all be for nothing if your video title fails at pulling in viewers!

3. Video Description

Don’t skip this! People often read the video description before deciding whether or not they want to watch a video. Put some effort into making it interesting.

Also, this is another great opportunity to include your targeted keyword!

4. Piggy-Back Off of Other Popular Videos

One of the best ways to quickly get some traffic to your new video is to comment on other related videos that have a lot of views.

This is similar to commenting on other blogs in order to drive some traffic to your own website.

5. Make Sure You Share

Make sure you enable the setting in Youtube that allows people to share your videos. You’ll be surprised how many people might choose to share your videos or even embed them on their websites.

This is where it really pays off if you put the effort to create good videos!

6. Post Your Videos On Your Blog

Chances are you already have a blog or website, this is one of the best places to post your video!

Not only is this helping your blog by adding some fresh content to it, but you’ll also be able to get some extra traffic to your videos!

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