Fail-Proof Formula For Increasing Your Affiliate Sales

How to Increase Your Affiliate Sales

Are you having trouble generating sales as an affiliate?

If you’ve got plenty of traffic, but still aren’t making the amount of sales you think you should…you may need to take a look at your approach.

In this article, we are going to cover a simple formula that has been proven to work time and time again for converting readers into paying customers.

1. Establish A Relationship With Your Readers

If you were looking to buy something…who would you trust for advice on choosing a product?

A close friend…or a pushy salesman?

Chances are, you would make your purchasing decision based off of your friend’s recommendation and not a total stranger trying to sell you something.

Successful affiliate marketing really isn’t much different.

Before you can get your readers to buy something based off of your word…you need to establish a relationship of trust with them.

One of the most valuable tips we can give you on this is to be personal and show that you are a real person.

Let your personality reflect in your writing.

2. Find A Product That Is A Good Match For Your Audience

Affiliate marketing is really a business of match-making.

It is a hundred times easier to get people to buy a product they already want and need…then to try and convince them to buy something they don’t!

Take the time to identify the problem your niche is dealing with…and find the best product that will solve it for them.

3.  Share Your Experiences With The Product

Your marketing message will always be more powerful if you can share your own results or experiences with the product you are promoting.

Wouldn’t it seem pretty odd to listen to a life insurance agent go on and on about how important life insurance is for you…only to find out he doesn’t have coverage himself?

Depending on the niche you are in…the product you are promoting may not be applicable to you.

However, if you happen to be in a niche where this could work for you…doing a case study on yourself or sharing your experiences in some other way can give you a HUGE edge over other affiliates and help you stand out from the crowd.

4. Proof

Try and think of some ways you can show proof that your product will solve your audience’s problems.

If you are doing a personal case study like we talked about earlier, that can be a form of proof right there.

But even if you aren’t, there are still other ways you can provide proof.

For example, If you were promoting a supplement like creatine to bodybuilders…you could cite some of the numerous clinical studies that have been done showing that creatine improves people’s performance at the gym.

5. Call To Action

If you have are backing up your message with enough proof, you will be able to present a strong case to your readers without the need to do any hard-selling.

However, you still need to have a clear call to action in order to move them on to the purchasing stage.

People need to be told what to do next…and they won’t click on your affiliate link if you don’t tell them to.

And that’s all there really is to it! To sum this all up, the formula basically works like this:

Relationship + Matching Product + Experience + Proof + Call To Action = Sale

Chances are you already have one or more of these elements in place. If you aren’t making sales, try reviewing your website and check to see which of these 5 things you are missing.

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