How to Overcome Writer’s Block And Become A Content Creating Machine

When you are trying to build an affiliate marketing business with free traffic methods, a large part of your success will come from being able to consistently generate new content for your niche.

Not only do you need lots of great content for your blog, but you’ll also need to crank out even more content on a regular basis for things like article marketing, backlinking, free giveaways, etc.

If you aren’t outsourcing your content, this obviously requires a lot of writing!

And if you’re like me and many others that suffer from the dreaded condition called “Writer’s Block”, writing a single article can take hours!

This can clearly have a HUGE effect on your overall productivity, and prevent you from moving forward and earning that money we’re all chasing!

Here are a few simple tips that I’ve started using to help me overcome writer’s block and crank out quality content on demand.

1. Distraction Free Writing Applications

These days when I’m writing out an email to my list, a blog post, or any other type of content…I always use the basic Text Edit (Mac) program on my computer.

For PC users who aren’t familiar with this program, it’s basically the equivalent of Notepad or Wordpad on Windows.

Doing this allows me to just write without worrying about formatting, editing, or anything else that might distract me and interrupt my “writing flow”.

Once you start writing, the worst thing you can do is stop! Keep writing and don’t stop for anything…not for typos…bathroom breaks…email…NOTHING!

After I’ve gotten my rough draft written out, I just transfer the text to my blog,Microsoft Word, or wherever else the content needs to go and start the editing process.

2. Start With The Absolute Minimum You Are Willing To Do

For me, the hardest part about writing is getting started. Once I get going, the rest of the article comes pretty easily. So if writer’s block has you stuck, or you just aren’t in the mood to write…try just getting a few words out on the screen.

Start with the Title if that’s easier. Or even the very last sentence of the article!

Just chip away at the article bit by bit…and before you know it you’ll decide
to just jump right in and start writing the rest of it.

3. Free Writing

Most people have probably heard about this before, but it really is an effective technique for anyone that needs to write.

Basically, all you do is write about whatever comes to your mind. Don’t second guess yourself or filter it out in anyway…just start typing!

Chances are you are going to end up with a horrible article full of gibberish.

But that is okay! The whole point of this is to take a giant “brain dump”…and if there’s even a paragraph…or even just an idea that you can find in there and use for your article that might be all the inspiration you need to write your real content.

4. Create An Outline

Sometimes creating an outline can help break down your content in more manageable chunks and make the whole task seem less overwhelming.

I like to do this for larger tasks…like writing a free report or a paid product…but it can also be effective for small writing tasks like articles or blog posts.

5. Take A Break And Go For A Walk

At some point, staring at your computer screen begins to do more harm than good. If you find yourself unable to start writing after trying all of the above…
it may be a time to take a break from the computer and reset your mind with some much needed distraction.

What seems to help me the most is taking a quick walk around the block, or I might just head over to the gym to workout and come back to writing later.

Just be sure to bring a notepad with you…you may just end up having the “a ha!” moment you had been looking for this whole time while you are away!

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