How To Write A Press Release And Generate Floods Of Traffic To Your Site

How To Write A Press Release

Are you using press releases as part of your SEO campaign?

If you aren’t…why not?

Press releases are not only a great way to obtain some quality backlinks, they can also be a powerful way to drive floods of traffic to your websites!

However, writing a press release is much different than writing a typical article…

There are certain elements you need to have down in order to use press releases effectively.

In this article, we are going to cover what you need to know to write a successful press release.

What’s The News?

The whole point of a press release is to share news.

Don’t get me wrong…you don’t need to have “groundbreaking news”but you do need to have some sort of news to announce.

In other words, you don’t want to write a press release on an article topic like “how to stop your dog from barking”.

However, your press release can be something as simple as announcing the launch of your new website.

In fact, this is probably the first type of press release you should do!

Write Your Press Release In the 3rd Person

Press releases are suppose to be written in the 3rd person. Which means you’ll want to avoid using words such as “I”, “We”, and “You”.

When writing, it can help to visualize yourself as a journalist reporting on the news about your site.

Here is an example short paragraph of how a press release would be written for a website:

“Dog Blogging Company announces the launch of it’s new dog training website. This brand new site features a large comprehensive section of helpful articles and videos on how to train your dog.”

IMPORTANT: When writing your press release, avoid the hype and any over-promotional lingo. Consider yourself a third-party observer.


It helps to include a couple quotes to validate the information in your press release.

In this case, you would basically quote yourself.

For example,

Owner Of Dog Blogging Company, John Smith says, “Our company is excited to release these new dog training videos on our site. I believe our subscribers will really benefit from this information”

Even though the quotes would be technically coming from you, you would want to write this from a third person perspective. Pretend you are a reporter interviewing yourself and writing out your quotes in the release.

Key Points Your Press Release Should Address

As you begin writing, make sure that you are addressing the following:

• Who is the press release about?
• What is the news being announced?
• When did this news take place?
• Where did it take place? (In most cases, you’ll simply include the city, and state you live in.)
• Why is this news important to your niche?
• Why are you announcing this news?

Releasing Multiple Press Releases

Writing a press release about the launch of your new site is one news-worthy topic. But what other topics could you write about later on if you wanted to release more than one press release?

Here are some other examples of “news-worthy” topics:

*A New Facebook Page
*New Twitter Page
*New Video Released
*A Website redesign
*A New Newsletter
*New Product

Optimizing Your Press Release

1 .Your press release shouldn’t be too long. 400 – 600 words is ideal.

2. Don’t forget the SEO – Press releases rank in the search engines extremely well if you optimize them properly. Sprinkle in your targeted keyword/keywords like you would in an article. Avoid keyword stuffing though. If you can work your keyword in the title naturally, then definitely include it there as well.

3. Title – Take some time to come up with a compelling title. Just avoid anything that sounds overly promotional.

It’s Time To Distribute

There are both free and paid sites for you to submit your press release to. You’ll obviously want as much exposure as possible for your release, and should consider submitting to both types of sites if your budget allows it.

The paid sites will have a much larger reach, and will typically allow you to generate much more traffic than the free sites.

Here are the most popular submission sites:

PR Web –

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