Hot Niches of the Future?

Crystal Ball Marketing?

Ever think about how most niche and affiliate marketers
are promoting products that were released years ago?

Let’s call these products of the past. Lots of money to be made, but you’ll be competing with a herd of other marketers.


As you read this a new breed of marketer is putting up
a campaign to promote a product/service that will be hot in
a few months…this new breed of marketer has VERY LITTLE
competition…and he/she is pulling in BANK.

At InstaCash Keywords we do what we can to provide you with hot buying niches with lots of traffic and little competition.


I want to show you ONE WAY we get ahead of the game and make
some potentially nice income for our customers in the process.

Are you down with that?

Now a lot of times the popular products like the Iphone 5 or
Playstation 4 are products most affiliates won’t even attempt to promote because
of the level of competition…and that case it’s pretty understandable.

But how often does something new and cool come out?

Hmmmm…seems like every five minutes these days…right?

So where do you find about “what’s new” before everyone else

Here’s just one way.

I went to Google and typed in “new technology 2012”and from
there alone I was blown away by some of the upcoming inventions (or unrecognized markets).

Like for example the “Rolltop laptop”

The concept has been thrown around few years but nothing has yet
to be released. However the feedback alone on the video let’s you know you’ve got a

Of course before putting up a review site for something like that you would want
to do as much research as possible…online tech magazines, any forums, etc…

Then just set up blog, create some content, and just starting running like it was already
making you money…how far ahead of the competition will you be?

You know what else?

Hot new products get HUGE search volume!!!

I saw few others like Designer 3D glasses (for at home 3D TV’s)

Sound strange?

Imagine the buyers in a niche like that! There also might a Playstation 3
phone coming out…could be a winner:-)

Travis calls this type of future based marketing “Crystal
Ball” marketing and it can be done it just about any niche.

If you don’t have the time to do all this research…

‘Hire us’ on a trial basis to deliver niches AND articles to you.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas for a new post
just drop us line at

Keep up the hard work!
Travis and the ICKY Team

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