How do I get a backlink?

One of the BIG questions I’ve been getting is…

“How do I get Backlinks I could use for my ICKY Blog?”

That’s a great question but the answer is not so cut and dry…

The fact is there are several kinds of links out there but one of the things you
can do without going out and spending a bunch of  money is setting  up some profile links.

Profile links are incoming backlinks to your blog that you can create by
by setting up profiles on forums and other member access sites that allow
you to hyper link your profile signature with a link back to your ICKY blog.

But there are a few tedious steps involved!

1st  Perhaps the most time consuming step is finding sites to make profile links
on…if it were me I would probably just type in the search engines “sites that allow profile links”.

2nd Choose a site and create an account…should just take about 5 minutes.

3rd Wait for account approval…each site can be different but for this case we’ll just say this takes
another 5 minutes.

4th Create your profile…I highly recommend filling out all the information even if it’s not required
so your profile does not get deleted by the administrator, this should only take another 5 minutes.

5th Edit the Signature of your profile…IMPORTANT because this is where your link comes from.

You will need to hyper link your signature with the blog page you want a link
back to…this involves a little HTML. If you’re not familiar with HTML I’ve got you covered…

Here is the idea behind and HTML anchor text link: <a href=”url”>Link text</a>

So, what that means is you replace the the url part with the link to your page and the Link text
part with the words you want the link to say.

I want the link to say “Travis Sago” and point back to my blog,
(Example only)

So, my HTML would look like this: <a href=””>Travis

It’s as simple as that!

Now you would also want to mix up the profiles so they are not all saying “Travis Sago”
because a bunch of profiles pointing back to a blog with the exact same keyword is not going
to look natural.

That about covers it for you!

Not too bad right?

A total of maybe 15-20 minutes each (after you have a list of sites to choose from of course)

If you are a little pressed for time as I know we all are…one of our good buddies Ken Leatherman
who has been one of our biggest service providers for years agreed to help us out and hook you up
with a DIRT CHEAP option for a BUNCH of links and he will do it for you for being part of our ICKY service! (Update: The Silver Level is apparently no longer available.)

Check it out… Profile Links Done for You

We really want you to be successful with your InstaCash Keywords blog as we can only
stay in business if you’re successful!

If you have any other ideas for a post or a question or just want to say ‘hi’…drop us a line at

Keep up the hard work!
Travis and the ICKY Team

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