How to Build a List on Your InstaCash Keywords Blog

In the last year I have sent out 7,657 personal emails
from ONE inbox (and I have several) in response to questions
sent from affiliate marketers…

And I truly enjoy it every day…

Here is an example of a question that you may want to know
the answer to…

“Thank you for all your previous help, YOU ROCK…but now I’ve put up a site
and have started to get a little traffic…how can start building a list? I don’t know
where to get started and what to give them when I do.”

I love building lists…it’s a great way to make more money with our
service at

But a lot of times affiliates tend to over complicate this unfamiliar process…

So if you already have a website and you’re already getting some traffic the hard part is done…just follow these steps to start building your list today…which means more easy money for you!

Step #1- Sign up for an Auto Responder service.
I always suggest, they
have the easiest tutorials I’ve ever seen, great customer service, and a $1 first month trial.

Step #2- Establish lead generator (or how to get them to subscribe) This is where most folks get lost. What I would do is go through the forums for your niche if there is one available and pick out 3 of the biggest “hot buttons” in you see. Hot buttons are the really key topics or questions that make the folks in your niche tick!

Example: I critiqued a site about “bee keeping” last year (great niche) and as a lead generator the site owner was saying “Learn how to Make Money with Your Honey”…

BUT as I went the Beekeepers forums I don’t think I came across ANYTHING about trying to turn a profit as a beekeeper, like most passionate folks lose tons of money pursuing their interest…

So naturally the “Money” lead generator was not worth a darn. After some research I came up with “The 3 easiest ways to kill your hive, and how to avoid them”  You see, keeping their HIVE ALIVE is THE major “Hot Button” in this niche.

Now that will strike a chord with some beekeepers!

So, please keep in mind that you need to really get into to what the people in your niche want and then give it to them.

In this case all you would have to do is find out 3 simple ways to avoid killing your Bee hive…I found these answers in about 10 minutes on the forums…so then I just had to type it up into a report and load it as the first auto responder message in the sequence.

Step #3 – How to make money with your list?
Just like you would with your blogs, articles, etc…You need to find an affiliate program and promote the offers in your auto responder sequence. Now that you have given them something that helped with the 1st email (report), you can continue to do so with both free information as well as promoting helpful tools and/or guides they may need.

For this niche in particular there are several guides and plenty of programs that sell beekeeping supplies that you could easily offer to your subscriber list…

Like a friend that offers good advice…

Example: 1st email you just gave them 3 tips on how to keep their hives alive, so after that you may say something like…

“I really hope this report was helpful to you? I also found a great guide on the Best Ways to Keep Your Hive Alive during the Winter (this would be hyperlinked with your affiliate link to any program that you feel would be good to promote).”
Does that make sense?

Then I would just write out a few emails and spread them to go out every few days…then anytime you find something new or just something that will help your subscribers you can just add an email telling your list about it.

Aweber does a great job of keeping up with the stats so you can monitor how many people are opening your emails, clicking the links, etc…

One more thing, subject lines are very important to get your emails read…and nothing works better than curiosity!

If you don’t have any sites up yet to build a list on I’d like to invite you to come give us a try at where we will spoon feed you hot niches, the keywords to get ranked for and 5 articles to help add to your blog.

Keep up the hard work!
Travis and the ICKY Team

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