If you can’t get it done, who can?

Howdy folks!

Ben here…

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and I really love
the feedback!

One very common question… “I don’t know anything about putting up
a blog and even if I did when would I be able to do it…I have a full
time job?”

Is this a problem that you can relate to?

I’ll let you in on a little secret…I am terrible at putting up blogs, even
with WordPress which everyone tells me is a piece of cake.

And it’s not that I don’t try…it’s just that I feel that I have other strengths
where I should be investing my time.

However, there is one area that I have gotten much better at that allows
me to put my time where it is best suited…

Can you guess what that is?

Well if you said ‘outsourcing’ than you are on fire today!

Can you think of a time when you could use someone
to do some of that work for you?

I sure can☺

I put together a little Camtasia video that shows some of the
places I go to find good people to work on my online business.
Whether it’s writing articles, building blogs, doing keyword research,
building backlinks, or whatever you need…they are out there.

But before you watch this video to find these folks let me give you a few tips
for how to evaluate outsourcers BEFORE hiring…

1. Always get some kind of sample work…this is a must.
2. If you have the option always use an escrow account…this really
protects you and your outsourcing budget. This will allow you to check the
quality of the work being done before you pay.
3. If you’re outsourcing from a forum or hiring service online always look at their
previous reviews and work history…not just the price.
4. BE VERY SPECIFIC about the details of your job and set a time bound
deadline…this one has burned me enough to learn from it.
5. Now this one is a life lesson for ya…almost everything is negotiable. If
somebody on the Warrior Forum has a post “10 Articles for $50” you don’t think
they might take $40? I promise it won’t hurt to ask…what’s the worst that can
happen? They say no☺

I learned this lesson well from Travis…now I never knew how powerful some
of his negotiating tactics were until I just bought my first house by closing
a deal that shocked both of the realtors and my wife☺

My point is it never hurts to ask…if they need the work it’s a good deal for you!

I know it can frustrating trying to learn so many things about starting an online
business or becoming a top affiliate but spending a little time to find people who will
do great work for CHEAP is better than banging your head against the wall because a video won’t upload to your blog, right?

Okay enough out of me…enjoy the video!

As always I would love your feedback!

Keep up the hard work!
Ben, Travis and the Icky Team

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