If You Can Connect, You Can Collect

Hey there,

I really hope you got a chance to check out last week’s post?

Your feedback kind of inspired this post…that and a little book…

Have you ever read, The Go Giver?

Great book…I read it the other day in like 2 hours
and took more from it than I did in several Economics
and Finance Classes.

A good education doesn’t have to be expensive, right?

So there is a character in this book referred to as
“The Connector”, well at least until the end of the book
when that character is revealed…

And he got me thinking a lot about some of the things I do.

So last week I made that video for you about
outsourcing…but I should have mentioned that you can do a
lot more than just getting good folks off the Warrior forum and
ODesk etc… to do your work.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about being “The Connector”…

It’s much more than a cool nickname☺

Example: I think I mentioned to you that recently I bought a
new house…but when I got all moved I realized there are
several things I needed to change up a bit…

But I had just spent way too much of my cash on closing cost…

So I decided to get creative…

I need a new deck but I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to have
mine rebuilt…

So I turned the web to just look at my options and I realized that in the small
town that I live in I had NO options…at least none online.

So I turned to the phonebook and it turns out there were 4 different companies
that specialized in building decks in my town…and none of them have a website!

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Now you can ask any of the people that
I outsource to, I’m no good with the any of technical stuff…

So what do I do?


I called up one of the deck guys and asked him if he would be interested
in trading some services? So I just told him that he could take all the traffic
coming in since his competitors clearly aren’t doing it…

(side note: folks are usually more interested in doing better than their competitors than they are at just doing better…so itwould never hurt to bring up their competitors☺ and that fact that this will put them ahead of their competitors)

My next step is to call my web designer and send over the project…now you might
be saying “yeah, but I don’t have a web designer!” But if you go back and check out my last
post you’ll know exactly where to find them.

So long story short…I’m going to be getting my deck completely redone for the cost of a website
and a very small amount of Local SEO and all I had to do was make two phone calls…

The deck guy is happy because he has a new website and will be getting more business…

My designer stays happy because I keep sending her more business…

and I am SUPER HAPPY because I’m getting a PIMP new deck right before football
season…GO HOGS!!! Oh and guess who else is happy…my wife☺

So to wrap it up…if you don’t already have a good list of outsourcers it would be
a good idea to put together your team and start becoming “the connector”!

You can always just get cash out of the deal…that’s worked well for me too.

But as long as there are people out there offering their services…and if you can find
folks looking for those same services I promise you can turn a profit without
breaking much of a sweat!

If you have any questions or comments email us at help [at] instacashkeywords.com

Keep up the hard work!

Ben, Travis and the Icky Team

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