Part 2 – Do You Know Who You’re Selling To?

In last week’s post, I pointed out why it’s important to know who your customer is…so you can relate to them, and speak to them in their language on topics of importance to them.

In this post, I want to take getting to know your customer one step further. Again, this is not something most marketers do, so you probably won’t see this explained in the latest, greatest WSO offering. This is what experienced, successful marketers do. I want to help you become the most experienced, successful marketer possible.

Once you’ve identified where your customers are “hanging out”, you can find out a little bit more about them, as well as other places they like to congregate. For this information, we’re going to take the forum URL we found and visited last week to a site called, and we’re going to put the forum URL into the search box on Quantcast.

Now, in this particular case, the owner has chosen to hide the data, but that’s okay. Even though some of the information is hidden, if you scroll down the page a bit, you can see other categories and types of sites that the people you find at might also visit.


These sites include Fashion, Fragrances, Cosmetics, Parenting and Horoscopes at the top of the list as the ones most likely to be visited.

You can also scroll down a little bit further and check the Traffic Frequency chart to see that the majority of their audience (87%) are Passers-by and only 13% visit frequently enough to be called Regulars.


So we’re already able to get a little better idea about who this customer is. And although we haven’t exactly confirmed it yet, we can surmise based on what we *do* know that our customer is a woman, and that she’s conscientious about her looks…appearance is important to her.

Taking into consideration some of the other sites she may visit, she likes to stay up on fashion trends, probably has children and most likely checks her horoscope, if not daily, then fairly frequently at least.

In many cases, Quantcast will tell you just about everything you want to know about your customer, but for the occasional times they don’t have the information or can’t give you access to it, there’s another site you can visit, which I’ll reveal next week when I wrap up this series on “Do You Know Who You’re Selling To”.

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