The Scariest HOT Niche Ever

Had a CRAZY NICHE I wanted to run by you…
in fact it’s downright scary how many hungry buyers
there are in this niche!!

Now it’s no surprise that Halloween besides being my
favorite holiday is a VERY lucrative niche!

Are you thinking right now “there is no way
I can outrank some of the big costume sites”?

That wasn’t what I was thinking…

I’ve seen women search like they were possessed and spend way too much money
for Halloween costumes and why? Because to some it is not just a party
or a holiday…it’s an EVENT where each personal presentation is judged!

Talk about PRESSURE!

So how would you get in front of this HOPPED UP CROWD?

Did you know “catwoman costume” gets 22,000+ searches a month?
(and that’s exact match) and no that’s not a new costume but it’s
an example of how big this niche is…

And that’s an average from Google Keyword tool…I bet it’s a little higher next

Oh by the way, Angry Birds costume is gonna be a BIG SELLER this year!!!

Now you’re right, going after the costume name keywords like those would be
a challenge…

But let’s think like the buyer…

You’re a mom…and its two weeks before Halloween, your son, Steve has been invited
to his first Halloween party and all the kids in his class will be there…

Steve wants the NEW Angry Birds costume but guess what, it’s sold out all around town
(or he lives in small town like me and the only place to get costumes is Wal-Mart)

But Steve is kind of small for his age and you want Steve to enjoy his costume and be
able to show it off to his class mates but you don’t want him to look silly by falling
down because his costume doesn’t fit…and you know how that would make you look to the
other parents.

So, to the search engines you go and what do you type in?

How about “small boy angry birds costume”…now there might not be a lot
of search results but it’s a good bet that you’ve got a buyer on your hands…

You could easily set up one blog with multiple pages just covering this little sub niche
for small costumes!

In fact I looked up “small Halloween costumes” and there were only 317 competing pages!

Could you handle that competition?

Travis looks for ways to crack into niches like this on his
service at InstaCash Keywords  and would love to have you
join if you’re not already a member.

Before I go I just want to throw a few other options at you in case you’re up for
making a few extra bucks this Halloween…

TAKE ANY NEW HOT COSTUME (which you can find from the link above)

Any sizes…small, medium, large, XL, XXL, XXXL, etc…

Shipping deadlines… 2 day, 3 day, 4 day, 1 week, etc…
(This of course means you should find an affiliate program that can handle quick delivery)

ALLERGY ISSUES… cotton free, nylon free, etc…
(This might take a little research and won’t have a lot of search volume but if you can deliver, you have a buyer)

SPECIFIC MOVIE COSTUMES… “costume from Batman movie” or even more specific…”Heath Ledger
joker costume from Batman movie”…that is how people talk and type as well.

The list goes on and on and don’t forget about accessories!!!

I also looked up an affiliate program for Halloween Costumes…

There are several other affiliate programs out there though…just type in the search engine “Halloween costumes affiliate program”

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for another post please just drop us a reply…we love to hear your feedback!

Keep up the hard work!
Travis and the ICKY Team

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