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If you haven’t met me yet, I’ve been working with Travis for about two years now…Good times :). Hope you like the new blog!

I’m really looking forward to interacting with you either here or you can always drop me a line at help [at] instacashkeywords.com. I urge you to participate in the conversation! The idea is to put helpful information out there for YOU – Since this site is all about finding starving crowds I want to make sure everyone is up to speed.

Now if you’re a member of this site, you should already be getting list of these HOT niches delivered to your inbox, but…

You should also know what to look for in case you stumble across a really good niche!

They are everywhere…and I mean EVERYWHERE!

What makes up these starving crowds?

Well Travis has made over 7 figures serving these hungry crowds and has created a list of factors that’s going to help you know when you’ve got a good one!




How many times in a day does a person in this niche think about _________?
Examples: Pregnant women – How many times in a day does a woman think about her baby? How about first time home buyers? I’m going through this right now and the mind share is definitely there! In contrast, what about people with weeds in their yard or people interested in origami.

See how those are just things that people might think about occasionally?
The idea is the more their thinking about ________ the more motivated they are to solve ________.


Now this can be done in most cases with common sense.

What we want to do is gauge how strongly a person feels about _______?
The more emotional the person the more motivated they will tend to be to solve
or look for help dealing with _________.


When people are passionate about a subject THEY TALK ABOUT IT!

When you are evaluating a niche it should be a BIG RED FLAG if nobody is talking about the subject. You can type into Google “your niche + forum” and check out what the folks in your desired niche are talking about.


How much does it cost to be a part of _________?
Examples: Remote Control Airplane Enthusiasts (Hundreds of dollars in repairs etc…)
Golfers (Hundreds and even thousands in clubs, balls, membership fees, etc…)

See how that works? Give me the choice between a mother looking for recipes or someone looking for a new set of golf clubs!


Are there other marketers paying to get traffic from ________?

Go to Google and type in a few key phrases that people in your niche would type in and see if there are other marketers advertising. Also, if you see multiple affiliates on one page THAT is a TERRIFIC sign that you have a hungry crowd! This step is about all some marketers do…it’s a part of the recipe but not the whole enchilada!


Why wouldn’t ________ niche buy _______?

Two very common reasons.
Folks in the niche will defer to a higher or more credible authority…Or they just want free info.
For example, why wouldn’t a teenage acne sufferer buy an ebook on how to get rid of acne? A better question for that one might be why would they? As Travis would say this is about like “trying to sell pork sandwiches to Jewish vegetarians”.

So how do you get the most from these Niche Factors? You need to unlearn your old habits. No more searching for niches based on Clickbank Gravity (though I heard Magic of Making Up is a good one…hehe)! Remember the magic is in the NICHE not in the product! If you notice that you’ve got a few of these factors working in your favor chances are you’ve got a starving crowd on you hands!

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