Why Your Online Marketing Needs To Be Focused On “You”.

What makes a great online marketer?

A. Is it being able to generate good content?
B. An SEO Expert?
C. A Social Media Rockstar?
D. An Analytical genius?
E. All Of The Above
F. None of The Above.

If you answered F…then congratulations… you are WAY ahead of the game. ; )

Now don’t get me wrong…being proficient in all of these different areas is great. These are all things that are worth studying and getting good at.

However, there is one special skill every marketer needs to develop in order to become effective at his or her craft.

That one thing is simply being able to identify and connect with…”You”.

Yes, “You”.

Every successful sales letter ever written is constructed in a way that speaks to “You”, and every successful marketing campaign is centered on “You”.

Now just to be clear, when I say “You”…I don’t really mean YOU….I’m talking about the person on the receiving end of your marketing.

Think of “You” as the customer you need to connect with…and what everything you are trying to accomplish online revolves around.

This might seem like common sense, but it’s a priceless lesson worth repeating.

Chances are if your content contains the word “I” more than “You”…you’re not focusing on the customer enough!

Just look at some of the big corporate websites out there….and you’ll see some of the largest companies making this critical mistake!

It’s not uncommon to see business owners waste their entire website with content meant to try and convince customers about how great their company is.

Effective online marketers know that every visitor to their website is not there to learn about “I” or “We”. This visitor is dealing with a problem, and that problem has led him to seek out a solution…which is where you come in to the picture!

Tips You Can Use To Start Marketing To “You” More Effectively

1. Create An Avatar Of Your Customer: Frank Kern talks about this often in his internet marketing courses, and it’s a very good routine to start practicing.
Before you build a website, write an article, or do anything else…take some time and paint a picture in your mind of what your typical customer is like.

Is it a man or woman?

Is the customer in his 20s,30s, or 40s?

What is his income like?

Spend some time doing research and get as specific as you can until you have a clear image of him or her.

2. Uncover The Pleasure And the Pain: Tony Robbins often talks about how people will do pretty much ANYTHING to avoid pain and increase pleasure. This holds true in the world of marketing as well.

Brainstorm on the reasons that would motivate your customer to purchase your product. What pain is he trying to avoid? Or what pleasure is he trying to gain?

3. Personalize your message: Take note of any “insider language” your customer might use while you are doing your research. Chances are you’ll pick up on a lot of this if you spend some time going through forums in your niche.

You’ll want to become familiar with any slang or “code words” your customer uses so that you can include them in your marketing. Just make sure you are
using them correctly or it could end up back-firing on you!

If you ever find yourself getting lost or frustrated with your online efforts just remember….the goal is to connect with your audience and meet their needs!

Need help finding an audience to connect with…?

No problem…we’ve got that covered!

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